Thursday, August 6, 2009

Samos is "Special"

2 days ago, i have been at the port of Pythagorion for a drink. After a long "nihgt" :-) i decided to have a cheese pie before getting a Taxi back home. In the shop around the corner, their had Ham&Cheese pie "Special". I`ve got one of those... it was nice and tasty, with Ham and Cheese inside... but what was it about the special?? So, i asked the shop owner, whats the special on this cheese pie? The owner replied: "The word special is special." I was a little bit confused that moment and than the owner starts laughing, and explained to me: "If i name it special, it sells better."
Well, thats realy special... Hahaha

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Franz Roth said...

Hi, I had a similar experience on the Corfu island (Kerkyra). There was a tavern in Glyfada, named "Olympia". Really the "Olympia" was a dump. Especially the sanitary facilities. But it was homely, with good food and good wine. View to the seaside. One must not be hypercritical about WC. But very "special" was the landlady's statement: "Olympia is international!"