Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Greek curiosities part 1 / LIDL

There are so many strange things happening every month to me, so i decided to write down the funny stories. Here is the first one:
Going for shopping with me love it happened to me:
My love Conny wants to stopp at Lidl. Like always, she is filling the basket and i have the fun to empty my wallet.
After shopping i am checking the bill.... and there it is......shock..... ΣΤΟΛΕΝ ΧΡΙΣΤ !!!!!

There is a stolen "Christ" on my bill as you can see at the photo below.
My love has stolen the "christ"? And therefore i have to pay 2.99 for the kilo??? What the heck did Conny do in LIDL??? Or, is it a christmas joke?
Fear is coming up and i think of cops coming to LIDL, arresting me because i have kidnapped Christ.... what a mess.... ( i have big imagination sometimes :0 )
So, lets check the basket whats in there..... hmmm....eggs........dipers.......kitchen paper.........
and than i found it..... Conny baught a traditional german christmas cake called "Christstollen"!!!

Propably not knowing what it is... the company translated "Christstollen" to "stolen christ" and write it in greek alphabet.
Here we are:
( very delicious )