Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Port of Pythagorion

Two short videos that I took with my Canon IXUS 900 in the middle of July 2007, almost exactly two years ago.

First one shows the port on a sunny day with quite a good breeze. I heard that the bar "Varka" and the restaurant depicted in the video are not anymore existing.

Port of Pythagorion from Peter Molz on Vimeo.

Captain Jiannis: he knows, he is a tourist attraction when he is on his boat Agia Irini. You can see him in the harbour after he comes back with his boat from the daily tourist trips, usually after 5:30 pm. Then the anchored boat is his stage and he "performs" free of charge. And he enjoys very much being in the center of "the show". With the additional two young goats on the boat, who wouldn't stop there to take a look and a picture!