Friday, August 22, 2008

Dirty main street or mainly dirty looking street?


The special alchemy of white stone and dark rubber tyres of vehicles lead to a surprisingly fast change in the looks of the newly paved main street in Pythagorio.

First, almost eye-blinding white, now, 2,5 month after it has been finished, it looks awfully dirty, not only the main street but the pedestrian side walks too.
I mean the main road is as dirty as in all the years before, nothing really changed with regards to the blackening effect the tyres of many vehicles leave behind on the main street. But something has been significantly improved: before it was just dark asphalt like in any other villages too, but now it really looks dirty. Everywhere!

Some people in Pythagorio are still wondering why there was a need to remove most of the trees and renew the main road (again after three years) and spend so much money to achieve such an effect.
But tourists will get used to stumbling down the new uneven main street and will enjoy that "dirty walking" feeling in Pythagorio.

The effect is best seen in the evening, when the sun is low and floods the main street with its light. This is the time when many tourists come to town and walk down the main street to reach the harbour.