Sunday, October 4, 2009

Autumn walk - continued / Herbstspaziergang - Fortsetzung!

October on Samos!

Lots of areas to be found on the island of Samos to take a walk.
O.k., here are some photos that I took between October 2nd and 4th on Samos, but last year!

First of all: start the day with a good breakfast in the harbour of Pythagorio! I refer to the omelett, not the cat!

Then, a drive to Samos-town and a walk along the harbour with the fresh wind blowing in my face.

Thirdly, an afternoon walk on the hills above Pythagorio to the remainders of the town walls of ancient Samos town.

And a phantastic view down on Pythagorio and across the straights of Samos to the coastline of Turkey.

A group of hikers on a stone path (Kalderimi) leading down from Agios Dimitrios chapel to Samos-Town (October 3rd).

The end of a kalderimi? Heavy road construction work is going on to build a new ring road around Samos-Town on the flanks of the hills !

After visiting the village of Stavrinides high upon the north coast to see myself the Souma (Tsipouro) distillation process:

we drive to the north-west: together with friends walking along the beautiful Seitáni coast to Mikró Seitáni beach, relaxing in the sun and taking a bath in the still warm waters (October 2nd).

Today, October 4th 2009, I sit here in Mainz/Germany in front of the computer, outside dark-grey skies, a little rain. I feel cold because of the lousy temperatures (max. 16 degrees centigrade), central heating not yet working. Wishing I was there in the warmth of the sun. O.K., two more days, this won't be long!