Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Waterfall near the village of Ambelos

After hearing about it for many years already, this year I finally found my way to the waterfalls near the village of Ambelos high above the north coast of Samos. It is quite an adventureous small footpath leading up and down to the waterfall. The path starts from the last sharp bend of the road before it reaches the platia of the village. There, a sign is indicating the start of the path.
Some parts of the footpath are secured with ropes, making it easier to get along on the rocky ground. And the closer you get to the waterfall, the steeper, cooler and shadier it becomes!

Here are three videoclips showing the waterfall and part of the footpath.

Videoclip 2
Videoclip 3

There was not too much water coming down there on May 30th, 2010.
If you want to see how the waterfall looked like way back in February, watch the nice and entertaining videostory of Nick Tsoulontino on YouTube about Ambelos and this waterfall.