Sunday, March 30, 2008

25 march, independence day

Photos of the parade at Pythagorion

Photos copyright by Michael Anhaeuser

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Kako Perato Canyon & Cave

In the mountains of Samos there are a lot of caves. Already Pythagoras is said to have taken advantage of one cave to seek for shelter when he had some arguments with the tyrann Polykratis quite a long time ago.

Of these many caves, one - with a small chapel inside - is located in the Kako Perato canyon (bad passage canyon) west of Karlovasi and Kosmadei. This canyon starts near a small monastery called "Panaghias Kakopérato" and leads down to the remote Megálo Seitáni beach.

The footpath leading to this cave is really adventureous. It starts somewhere below this small monastery that reigns over the beginning of the canyon. Following that footpath you proceed into the canyon on the southern side. But instead of going down, first you need to climb up a hill on this footpath.

Then, like riding on a rollercoaster, you pass a blue door arch with a cross on top of it at the highest point, from there you go down steeply and then for a couple of hundred meters along the western flank of Kako Perato canyon.

Those who suffer from vertigo will have a hard time on this part of the path. But the path is safe, there are blue railings that protect you from falling down into the frightening abyss of the canyon on the right hand side of the path.
Once you arrive at the entrance of the cave, it is time to relax. Turn around and enjoy the beautiful view over the canyon.

A spectacular view is awaiting you - through an opening in the wall - from within the cave across the canyon to this triangular shaped rock on the other side. You could even imagine the face of a person petriefied in this rock (or is that a photoshop artefact?).

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Samian honey bee

Original samian honey bee,
it is a new species i recognise it today when i`ve been for a walk.

Photos copyright by Michael Anhaeuser

Saturday, March 8, 2008

Funny sightseeing

On february 23, i decided to get out taking some new photographs around Ireon. Driving toward Ireon it came in my mind to check out the temple of Hera. Maybe, with the last storm, the column fall down and i missed the millenium shot???? Who knows???
When i arrived, indeed i`ve got a surprise, but another kind of: The entrance was open and a young woman was sitting their enjoying her coffee! I was not sure if i should trust my eyes, so i just asked her if the temple is open for visiting. She answered kindly that the temple is open everyday untill 15:00.
Wow, in february??? Maybe they were just waiting for me, eh? I wish....
Anyhow i had a nice walk through the ruins getting some new shots.

Photographs copyright by Michael Anhaeuser

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pythagorio`s Facelifting part2

In the previous post Peter asked : what about the trees??
Well here is your answer Peter...... Photos taken today march 05 at morning
As i said.... that`s the greek way...... Maybe the old trees didn`t had EU-Passport?

Click on the picture to get a bigger size.