Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Pythagorio`s Facelifting part2

In the previous post Peter asked : what about the trees??
Well here is your answer Peter...... Photos taken today march 05 at morning
As i said.... that`s the greek way...... Maybe the old trees didn`t had EU-Passport?

Click on the picture to get a bigger size.


Peter Molz said...

Thanks a lot Mike!
The old trees most probably didn't fulfill european norms :-) They were too individual in size and shape, no standardized green colour, I suppose.
Therefore they had to be replaced by the new and more fashionable looking "size-zero" models. :-)

Anonymous said...

Danke Michael,
schön das uns jemand auf dem Laufenden hält. Ende Mai kann ich mir das Ergebnis selber anschauen.

Viele Grüße

Anonymous said...

Hoffentlich ist Ende Mai alles fertig, wir sind dann auch dort...:-)