Monday, April 13, 2009


I have mentioned it in the comments of my last post....
Nostalgia.... Well the F4 i would not call it Nostalgia as it still is a superb camera.

But, what about this one:

Zeiss Ikon 517/16
Its a Zeiss Ikon Nettar with Novar-Anastigmat 6,3 / 75mm
This camera has been released in 1949. It uses roll film 120 and you get 12 pictures of a negativ size of 6x6cm. The shutter is a vario leaf shutter with speeds of B / 25/ 75/ 200 .
As far as i could test the camera, the shutter is alright and working fine in all shutter speeds.

Actually i like to try this camera, taking photographs on black&white. And there comes my problem now. It seems that nobody on Samos island is able to develop and print this films anymore!!
That said, if i like to try Nostalgia cameras, i first have to get again a Darkroom equipement from E-bay.
Lets go to search...