Monday, July 12, 2010

Ad Vanderveen and Kersten de Ligny on Samos!

The two dutch professional musicians Ad Vanderveen and Kersten de Ligny came to Samos for the third time for a holiday. They fell in love with the island and became friends with the greek musician Dimos Kassapidis. Dimos came to know the music of Ad some years ago via dutch visitors on Samos island and is playing some of the songs composed by Ad.

Ad and Kersten have recorded several CDs and you can find videoclips of them on YouTube and Vimeo, e.g. this one:

This year, I met them on Samos for the first time during last week when they were playing at the Hotel "Doryssa Seaside resort" together with Dimos.

Two days ago, on Friday night, they gave a concert with two sets in the restaurant "Archontóspito" on the square in Kontakeika. Unfortunately, a cool Meltemi wind was blowing strong. But nevertheless, all tables were occupied. And the greek audience liked the music.

Besides Ad and Kersten, a young local greek singer was playing, first set alone, then later in the night accompanied by two fellow musicians:

On Saturday we did some recording of a more or less spontaneous jam session in Avlakia on the north coast. Ad, Kersten and Dimos performed several songs, e.g. "This fleeting life" "Cloud of unknowing" and "If I needed you".
To get a first impression, please watch the following videoclip:

I will post some more material in a while.