Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Greek curiosities part 1 / LIDL

There are so many strange things happening every month to me, so i decided to write down the funny stories. Here is the first one:
Going for shopping with me love it happened to me:
My love Conny wants to stopp at Lidl. Like always, she is filling the basket and i have the fun to empty my wallet.
After shopping i am checking the bill.... and there it is......shock..... ΣΤΟΛΕΝ ΧΡΙΣΤ !!!!!

There is a stolen "Christ" on my bill as you can see at the photo below.
My love has stolen the "christ"? And therefore i have to pay 2.99 for the kilo??? What the heck did Conny do in LIDL??? Or, is it a christmas joke?
Fear is coming up and i think of cops coming to LIDL, arresting me because i have kidnapped Christ.... what a mess.... ( i have big imagination sometimes :0 )
So, lets check the basket whats in there..... hmmm....eggs........dipers.......kitchen paper.........
and than i found it..... Conny baught a traditional german christmas cake called "Christstollen"!!!

Propably not knowing what it is... the company translated "Christstollen" to "stolen christ" and write it in greek alphabet.
Here we are:
( very delicious )

Monday, November 5, 2007

Samos for sale! / Fence me in!

Driving around on Samos island, I noticed almost everywhere the signs "poleitai" - for sale, in most cases with telefon numbers on it! Seems everbody wants to sell their grounds or old and/or dilapidated houses and leave the island?!

Another thing that struck my attention: fences! Seems to be one of the fastest growing markets on Samos: buy some property and shelter your territory immediately by building a big fence around it! And of course, typical for Samians, your neighbor will start to build some fence too, at least as impressive as yours!
Maybe the revival of a good tradition on Samos? Because already Polykratos built some very impressive walls around the ancient town of Samos.

Sunday, November 4, 2007


In this hot summer 2007 on Samos, I paid many, many visits to the north coast of Samos. And several times I stopped in the small village of Avlakia. This place is not so much recognised by tourists who come to Samos. Most tourists and locals are passing this village at high speed on their way on the main road along the north coast.
You really need to slow down, stop your vehicle and walk down the stairs that lead to the sea to discover the beauties of this place.
Avlakia is located west of Kokkari, between Tsamadou and Tsa(m)bou beach.
O.K., here is my presentation of this picturesque small village and its surroundings. Most of the 91 fotos used for this presentation were taken in the time range from July to October 2007. Hope you will enjoy it.
Then maybe next time you come to Samos, you might want to stop for a visit or even stay in Avlakia, swim in the sea or spend some time in a taverna!

If you want to see the full size (540x438 pixel), please go to:

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