Monday, November 5, 2007

Samos for sale! / Fence me in!

Driving around on Samos island, I noticed almost everywhere the signs "poleitai" - for sale, in most cases with telefon numbers on it! Seems everbody wants to sell their grounds or old and/or dilapidated houses and leave the island?!

Another thing that struck my attention: fences! Seems to be one of the fastest growing markets on Samos: buy some property and shelter your territory immediately by building a big fence around it! And of course, typical for Samians, your neighbor will start to build some fence too, at least as impressive as yours!
Maybe the revival of a good tradition on Samos? Because already Polykratos built some very impressive walls around the ancient town of Samos.

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Georgios said...

Hi Guys, I enjoyed taking a look at your pictures. My family is from Samos (We are in Canada now). So its nice to see what's going on back home. By the way, head over to Ambelos and take a look at the Waterfall they have their. There is also a cool cave, with thousands of Butterflies at a certain time of year. Talk to George at the Cafenio, he will tell you about it, and say Hi for me, He's my first cousin.


George Logaras