Saturday, October 2, 2010

Samos distributed worldwide!

The greek island of Samos in the internet! Lots of photos, websites, travel fora and articles can be found transporting the good news about this unique island in the east aegean.
Some of my Samos videos/presentations on YouTube have reached quite a respectable number of views since they were launched:

15.800 views for Samos 2007, greek & green
17.650 views for "Samos 2007, greek & green" (10 min)
19.400 views for Samos/Greece 2008 presentation "greek & green"
23.650 views for Samos 2009, a fascinating experience!

And the winner is:

26.350 views for "Rebetika Tragoudia / Rebetika (Rebetic) Songs"
A video about the music of Jiannis Loulourgas, a luthier, singer and bouzouki player from Pythagorio on Samos island.

Sort of a rising star is the video about the visit of the mega-yacht "Al Mirqab" in Pythagorio (3740 views since it was published a bit more than three month ago on June 19th, 2010:

Alltogether, more than 100.000 times people were clicking on these videos on the YouTube platform.

On the video internet platform "Vimeo" I have established a Samos specific channel called "Experience Samos" with many videos and presentations of Samos.