Saturday, March 8, 2008

Funny sightseeing

On february 23, i decided to get out taking some new photographs around Ireon. Driving toward Ireon it came in my mind to check out the temple of Hera. Maybe, with the last storm, the column fall down and i missed the millenium shot???? Who knows???
When i arrived, indeed i`ve got a surprise, but another kind of: The entrance was open and a young woman was sitting their enjoying her coffee! I was not sure if i should trust my eyes, so i just asked her if the temple is open for visiting. She answered kindly that the temple is open everyday untill 15:00.
Wow, in february??? Maybe they were just waiting for me, eh? I wish....
Anyhow i had a nice walk through the ruins getting some new shots.

Photographs copyright by Michael Anhaeuser