Thursday, May 29, 2008

Images of Samos

Professionel photographers take photos and sell them to interested customers worldwide! Either directly, or, mainly via photo databases in the internet. To private customers mainly as high quality printouts on different media and in different sizes.
You will not be surprised that this is excactly what we do, e.g with our best photos of the beautiful island of Samos in Greece.
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Music is from the new CD (2008) "Rebetika Tragouthia" of bouzouki player and singer Yannis Loulourgas from Pythagorion!

Monday, May 12, 2008

Samos for Youngsters: Potami valley and waterfalls


Something to be found on the island of Samos for those who are young and like adventure?
Of course, take a ride with a moutain bike up to Ambelos mountains! Or, if you like wind and water, go for surfing near Kokkari or on Kedros beach on the north coast. Or explore the inner beauty of Samos on dusty roads with a jeep. Or visit the caves with special guided tours.

One other thing, where you can take your parents along and leave them behind after a while for sure: the Potami valley and Potami waterfalls west of Karlóvasi!

First you will pass by an ancient byzantine chapel and then you walk along the brook in a shady forest inside the valley, cross several times the water on small bridges or pieces of wood. Then you will end up in front of a small basin. And from there on you need to wade and swim in the cool water through a gorge to see the first Potami waterfall. No other way to see it!
Send your parents up the wooden stairs leading to a plateau with a taverna!

It takes some courage to follow the brook upstream or downstream and climp up or down the three waterfalls. At two waterfalls, the second and third, you will find a rope that makes this a lot easier. And of course, after the second waterfall, it takes time to walk in the bed of the Potami brook and cross quite a few cascades until you will arrive at the third waterfall!

As far as I remember, there are only two places, where you need to swim for a couple of meters, because the water is deep. Most of the time you just wade in the water. Take care of the many rocks! Maybe it is a good idea to bring some water resistant sandals along for better walking in the bed of the brook.

Here are some photos of the Potami valley and the waterfalls. The canyons look different, depending on the time of day you go there. Best time is around noon, when the sun shines down straight and you get the best light there.
Of course, depth of brook, water temperature and amount of water coming down the waterfalls will vary with the seasons!
If the water in the brook is turbid already down in the valley before the first waterfall, you know that for sure you can expect many many tourist climbing the cascades of the Potami brook!
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Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Wild Wild Samos

Its like the horse, if it is getting to old, we need to shoot it down....

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