Wednesday, January 14, 2009

"House of the setting Sun"

Samos-town has a lot of different faces. For example, the beautiful and elegant boulevard Themistokli Sophouli along the harbour, the Platia Pythagoras or the Archeological Museum! Many tourists will visit these sites while they are staying on the island of Samos.

Strange enough, there is one really ugly place along the boulevard, the building of a former hotel, that seems to be - already since many years - a monument for I don't know whom or what! This building resides directly on the boulevard Themistokli Sophouli, on one of the best sites in Samos-Town!
The building looks pretty dilapidated and like it could collapse at any moment!

It is uninhabited and surrounded by a - meanwhile rusted - fence.

There is a house in Samos-town,
best place to view the setting sun,
it's been a sad building for many years,
when are they going to pull it down?

Oh listen, mayor of Samos-town,
don't you see this misery,
it’s such a terrible sight to see
tourists turn away with a frown.

Now the only thing Samos people want
Is to pull this damn thing down
Use the free space to build something new
in the middle of Samos town.

(You can sing the words along with the melody of "house of the rising sun" by "The Animals")