Wednesday, August 5, 2009

I`ve done it

I just did it yesterday... A new Nikon D700 is going to find its way to Samos island. I was waiting for the new announcements of Nikon, the rumors about a D400 made me curious. But after i have seen what they announced, an exciting "S" on the D300s and a D3000, i decided its better to go for a D700. Let see if it is worth the money i am going to spend.


Peter Molz said...

Congratulations Mike! Welcome in the club!

But: three more month, and the follow-up model will be announced/ released by Nikon.
And, with the full format, to take full advantage of the quality of the camera, you will find out pretty soon that you will need new and costly lenses too! ;-)
And a 1 TB hard disc (plus backUp solution). In my experience, RAW files with beautiful 14 bit colour depth are in the average about 15 MB per take!

Michael Anhaeuser said...

Well, i have some good lenses, that should be good enough to use on the D700. My Nikon 24/2.8 the 60/2.8 ( My sharpest Lens), 50/1.8 and the good old 28-70 should be ok to work with the D700. I think i have to find some new tele lens. We will see.