Wednesday, September 5, 2007

Wine tasting at Ampelos

Since it hasn't rained for a long time on Samos, some villages on the island are faced with the
fact that their wells will run out of water. Some springs already deliver no more water.

But not so in the village of Ampelos! Located on the north coast, high above the sea in the middle of green vineyards. As I came to know yesterday in the afternoon, still lots of liquid are coming out there from this well in the upper part of Ampelos!

This young guy found out the secret! During the happy hour, instead of water, the flowing liquid is the new wine. (as you can see from the lable on the bottle! Double-click on the foto to get a bigger image!)

And of course, the guy enjoys trinking it.

Well, if this story isn't true, at least it is well told!

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