Friday, August 31, 2007

Harbour at night

It's always nice to take a walk around in the port of Pythagorio. But especially in the evening and in the night, the magic starts! The greek people every evening do their rounds, they call it "volta". Many beautiful motor and sailing yachts anchor in the port, some of them come back every year to Samos (like most of the tourists, :-) ). Some motor yachts are really big and for sure cost millions of Euro. To me it seems, that people have to stay on their boats in the evening and night, otherwise nobody would know that they own or rented these beautiful boats.

I like to walk around. Many bars and restaurants along the harbour front invite you to enter and stay for some time. The flair in the port is international, unfortunately not so much left of original greek life. Over the years it has become a place for tourists from everywhere who like to spend their money a little bit faster. Interestingly, most tourists who come to Samos don't even want to listen to greek music for more than 5 minutes.

One of my favorite places for taking a drink is the bar "Tabula Rasa", I like the carefully and beautifully designed environment and the view from there on to the yachts in the harbour. On the photo you see how it looked like 3 days ago! Somebody just told me that this was the yacht of Steven Spielberg!

Kostas, the owner of the place, takes care of the music. Here you can see him (far left) together with another guy, and the waitresses, two lovely girls from Poland, Martha and Jeanetta.

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