Monday, August 23, 2010

Promoting Samos

I am pleased to let our readers know about a new cooperation i started with the Athens News Agency (ANA). I am photographing also for ANA now.
The past Weekend i covered the Hraia Festival which took place on Friday 20.August 2010 in Pythagorion. I send the photos forward to ANA and they distribute it to the greek Media.
Here are some Links to online publications, which i think, they are of a good promotion for Samos:

TA NEA online





So, if you are organizing a festival, a cultural event or other festivities at Samos and you think it is worth doing a reportage about it, you can contact me at .
Also for other news worthy topics, i am interested to here from you.

Photos of the HRAIA Festival in Pythagorion:


Benikos place said...

Well done, and congratulations!!!

Peter Molz said...

Hello Michael,

good photos from this imho strange sort of worship cult in Pythagorio dedicated to tourism (or the ancient goddess of Hera in 2010?)
Btw., anyone knows exactly what they are doing there and why?

You too are promoting Samos, finally! :-) :-)
Welcome in the club of self-appointed Samos promoters! ;-)

If you look in the internet, you will find many, many people from different countries already promoting Samos island via their own web sites, internet fora for Samos tourists, their photo or video contributions on e.g. Flickr, Picasa or YouTube for many years!

An incredible amount of voluntary work and time has been spent by many Samos lovers over the last 6-8 years to create all those Samos web sites for the promotion of Samos.

Almost all of those promoters of Samos work without commercial interests.
And without any support or being acknowledged by the prefecture of Samos.

I guess the Samos prefecture has difficulties dealing with such an amount of Samos promotion from "outsiders" (mostly non-greeks!)! And these social nets also function outside the direct influence of and control by the prefecture!

Btw., maybe you forgot, our website here is doing this job too for almost three years now! ;-)
We started end of August 2007:

"Why not start a blog on Samos"


Michael Anhaeuser said...

of course Peter, you are right. There are many self-appointed promoters in the Internet and also our Blog is following this mission.

What i mean is that i have the possibility now to get this little stories also in the greek mainstream Media, like the Greek national Newspapers and mageazins.