Friday, November 6, 2009

Stories of Ireon at night (part 1)

Part 1: the drinkable ingredients

Well, more bottles of samian wine ..... , Dryoussa, Psilés Korfés, Golden Samena, Samaina sec, Fokianos, ....
..... and some hard drinks. Don't forget to try the local Souma and Ouzo! ;-)
And more stories to be told ....

You ask, where is this place? The full story will be revealed in part 2 together with photos of the delicious food there! :-)
You wanna guess? Here is some hint!

Curious about the wines of Samos? If you are interested in these wines, either dry or sweet, red, rosé or white, and where you can get them in your country, please pay a visit to the website of the Union of Vinicultural Cooperatives of Samos (EOSS).
Of course, in many taverns, you will find that local wines are served too as house wines.

Here a short excursion to the history of samian wines can be found .


Benikos place said...

So wie es aussiecht du verbringst eine schöne Zeit in Samos ;))
Lass dir immer so gut gehen!
Grüssen aus dem kalten Berlin :(

Peter Molz said...

@ Benikos place:
Ich bin schon lange wieder zurück in Mainz! Das war eine sehr erlebnisreiche Woche da im Oktober. Viele gute Sachen zu trinken und zu essen! :-) Wird noch einiges davon hier zu sehen sein.