Monday, June 22, 2009

"The Runaway Bunny"

The "Samos School of Dance" had a beautiful Performance on June 20&21 at Hotel Dorissa bay.
"The Runaway Bunny" by Maragret Wise Brown is a fairytail about a Bunny, running away from his mother.
More Photographs can be seen and ordered on my new website .
Currently there are only the photographs from 20.06. online, pictures of 21.06. will follow.

More photos at


Franz Roth said...

Well, old boy, your new website is well done. And it seems there are nice and interesting events on your little island.

Greeze Franz

Michael Anhaeuser said...

Thanks Franz,
indeed we do have nice events and happenings on our little island.
Also, this summer "the Stranglers" will come to give a concert on Samos, might be of interest for you? With a ringel Lyona im Gepaeck? ;-)

About my website, its still a little poor, i need to add more content now, specialy the photo gallery needs to be filled. I had to get it online sooner as planned because of the dance events on 20&21 and 27&28. But i am working on it, to many photograph to be published...