Friday, August 1, 2008

Chapel discovery tour on Samos


Everywhere on the island of Samos you will find beautiful chapels. So many, it is not easily possible to count them all or even visit them all. And still nowadays, more chapels are built! When located on top of a hill their name often is: Profitis Elias.

There is the story of this photographer who came to the island and decided, that he wanted to take a photo of every chapel and church on the island of Samos. Pretty soon he found out that this would be a never ending job!

The following photos will give you an idea with a small selection of chapels found all over Samos. I will not let you know by first glance where I found them. I feel it is better when you yourself discover your own favorite chapels by walking or driving around on the beautiful green island in the east eagean sea. So, when visiting the island of Samos, start your own chapel discovery tour! And be prepared to encounter an enormous variety of stiles and sizes!


Samos_chapel_2004 041-a









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