Sunday, January 27, 2008

Fight of the egos

Living on a small island has its advantages and disadvantages. Some roads are really narrow and special encounters need special agreements. The depicted situation took place in Paleokastro way back in September 2005. I was on my way from Samos-Town to Posidonio and drove right into this tense situation. The drivers of both heavy vehicles were not sure if they would allow themselves to drive back first. So they just got stuck up on the road in the middle of Paleokastro staring at each other! Expecting the other one to take action first.
I watched this "frozen" situation for some time, but nothig happened and so I decided to move on. I was lucky, because I was on a motor scooter, so like this other guy in front of me, I could pass the "fight of the egos" on the right hand side.
btw: for sure you don't have to be in a narrow street but for sure you need a big ego to build up any comparable situation anywhere and find yourself in such a "stuck state"!

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