Thursday, September 20, 2007

Samos – home of the old and rusty

Driving around Samos island, for sure you will have noticed many old car wrecks left in the fields or under the trees along the roadsides, almost like a big open air car museum. Seems like the samian people want to present their old cars and car wrecks to the tourists who come to visit the island.

Mike has already depicted his favorite car wreck here. My favorite car wreck, a small truck, was located in a bend on the road between Mytilini and the monastery Agia Triada. But when I looked for it again this summer, I couldn’t find it anymore.

It has been removed, don’t know where it is now. Maybe somebody has seen it lately and knows where it is? Or maybe it ended up like many others here - more or less uniformely shaped for easier handling - on the back of a truck on their way to a ferry in the harbour of Samos town.

Well, it took some time to find a new favorite car wreck, so here is my new one! Found this bus wreck at its ultimate stop in a sunny field somewhere in the hills above Kokkari.

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