Sunday, May 17, 2009

Photographing Hotels

One of my main business is photographing Hotels. Because my website is still under construction and i get asked every week for some samples which Hotels did i photographed etc... i will now show some samples on our Blog. Rolling out a little bit commercial for myself ;-)

For more Information contact:

Kerveli luxury Villa:

Hotel Naftilos, Pythagorion:

Hotel Santa Katerina, Pythagorion :


horst said...

hallo micha,wunderschöne fotos hast du da gemacht,da bekommt man richtig lust auf urlaub !

gruß horst

Michael Anhaeuser said...

Vielen Dank,
mit meiner Hotelphotographie hab ich mir mittlerweile auf Samos einen ganz guten Namen gemacht. Man muss halt etwas Zeit und Fachwissen mitbringen und nicht, wie manch anderer Kollege, ein Hotel in einer Stunde totknipsen.

Peter Molz said...

Excellent photos Michael!
If I remember correctly, in my last life I was the owner of a palace in a foreign land and it looked a little bit like that ;-)

Nowadays, I spend my time on Samos in a beautiful private place in Pythagorio with the advantage of a green garden full of blossoming flowers and excellent original greek meals from time to time too :-) !

piter said...

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