Sunday, May 17, 2009

2000 km away

At least on board of the charter flights they always say it is approx. 2000 kilometers distance equaling to 2 hours 50 minutes flight time between Samos in Greece and Frankfurt in Germany. Frankfurt is not far away from the city of Mainz, where I live.

So, what do you think I will do when I don't take photos on Samos? Well, you guess it, I take photos in Mainz!
If you are interested to see some images of a special place located on the banks of the river Rhine, where the river Main flows into the Rhine, please pay a visit to the presentation "Images of Mainz":

Images of Mainz / Mainz-Images from vimeo-minstrel on Vimeo.


horst said...

der clip ist abolut genial in szene gesetzt !

gruß horst

Michael Anhaeuser said...

Hello Peter,
very nice presentation of Mainz, but whats about this airplane passing by? Did you was dreaming about Samos while cutting the video? :-p

Michael Anhaeuser said...

jaja was solche Praesentationen angeht, da hat mein Freund Peter richtig was drauf, das muss man ihm lassen.

Peter Molz said...

@ horst: Danke! Ich habe mein Bestes versucht und bin dabei wieder auf meine alte Nikkor manual focus 85 mm f/1.4 Linse gekommen.

@ Michael: Thanks/Danke :-)
Actually this flight came from Frankfurt and was heading to the west across the river Rhine, not to the east.
I do hope that Pythagorio will never have the same fate as the city of Mainz on some days with every 1,5 minutes an airplane flying over the town. Sometimes, depending on the direction of the wind, coming from and going to Frankfurt airport simultaneosly! So it can develop into less of a dream and more into sort of a nightmare.