Thursday, August 30, 2007

Summer on Samos

Since July, when I (Peter) came to Samos in Greece, the temperatures on the island have always been above 30 degree centrigrade. Most of the time between 33 and 38 degrees, but we had several heat waves too with temperatures up to 44 degrees!

So, sometimes, I feel the need to look for cool places! Then I leave the pretty hot place Pythagorio, formely known as Tigani (the pan) and take a ride somewhere to the coutryside.

I like the tall & shady trees in the taverna Kutsi (south side of Samos) or in the taverna Aidonia (valley of the nightingales).

Or I take a ride along the north coast of Samos on my motor scooter, ending, e.g., in the harbour of Karlovassi, where I watch the ferries arriving and leaving and where most of the time a nice cool breeze is blowing.

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