Friday, August 31, 2007

Starting a blog

Here I was sitting in the harbour of Pythagorio, enjoying my filter coffee and the view on the port, waiting for Michael to arrive. He came together with Conny and their half year old daughter Jessica.

"Why not start a blog on Samos", he came up with this idea after some time of conversation and drinking. O.k., we do it, now! So both of us disappeared inside the internet cafe Pythagoras, leaving Conny and Jessica behind, forgot about anything else sitting in front of the new screens and computers here and about 3,5 hours later we had the thing running: "samos-images", the photographic journal of Michael Anhaeuser and me.

We felt we had deserved at least one beer, so here you can see us relaxing after we had finished this first session on our new blog. Thanks to Conny for taking a series of photos.
We will publish new photos and stories from time to time and we do hope that lots of you in the rest of the world will participate and contribute comments.

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